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Gallery in a terrible location, best. The Barter Family Gallery, West Sullivan. Phil Barter's wonderful and sought-after paintings way off the beaten path.

Gallery, most beautifully situated. The Gallery at Caterpillar Hill, Sedgwick. The awesome view from here competes with the world's best.

Garlic, most. The Olive Garden, Hogan Road, Bangor. If you’re really into garlic, check out the Mediterranean Garlic Shrimp. It’s loaded!

Gate, most celebrated. Stephen King's, West Broadway, Bangor. King's bat and cobweb creation attracts hoards of gawkers.

most semi-precious. Maine has more than any other state.

Ghost stories,
most frightening. Those set along the craggy coast of Maine, according to Mrcus LiBrizzi, who has collected such tales from around the world. LiBrizzi is the author of Dark Woods, Chill Waters: Ghost Tales from Down East Maine.

Golf clubs, least expensive. Bucksport Golf Club, Rte 46, Bucksport. Lynn and Wayne Hand will match or beat anybody's price on clubs they have in stock. This course, rather a well kept-secret, is Maine's longest 9-hole layout and a pleasure to play.

Golf course, best municipal. Bangor Muni, Bangor. On three occasions, Golf Digest has rated this 27-hole championship layout among the top 75 public course
s in the country.

Golf course, most historic. Kebo Valley Club, Bar Harbor. Maine's oldest course (1888), eighth oldest in the country. For years, Walter Hagen held the course record; President William Howard Taft took a 27 on Kebo's infamous seventeenth.

Golf course, worst name. Barren View Golf Club, Machias. to my mind, this name suggests desolation, waste, sterility, unprofitability, and dreariness—all sorts of negativity. (It's actually named for the quite beautiful blueberry barens it overlooks, but this mightnot occur to first-time visitors.)

Golf hole, most untouchable. The par-five, 620-yard 18th at the Bar Harbor Golf Course in Trenton. Nobody (except maybe John Martin) has ever reached this backbreaking finishing hole in two shots.

Golf resort, best in New England. Samoset Golf Resort, Rockport, according to Golf Digest. This fabulous oceanside golf course has often been called “Pebble Beach East.”

Granite, most famous. The fine pink stone of Crotch Island, must off Stonington. Sherwood Pink granite from here was used in President Kennedy's Arlington Cemetery memorial.

Great white shark,
largest. A twenty-six foot long specimen taken off Eastport in 1932, thought to be the same fellow that had previously attacked a fishing boat.

Green Party
, nation's largest. The one in Maine, where around three percent of voters are registered Green.

Growing season
, Maine city with longest. Eastport, where the average time between frosts is 175 days.


Hamburger, biggest. Eagles' Nest Restaurant, Rte 9, Eddington. The burgers here look like small meatloaves.

Harbor, deepest on the east coast. Eastport, which was once a major shipping port. (During the mid-1800s, the port of Eastport was second in importance only to that of New York.)

Headland, highest on Atlantic coast north of Rio de Janeiro. Otter Cliffs, Acadia National Park. Three-hundred-plus-foot cliffs.

Hemp products, most. Bar Harbor Hemporium. Thousands of pieces of clothing and accessories, all made of this wonderous, environmental friendly material which unfairly suffers (or in this case greatly benefits) from being associated with the evil weed marijuana.

Historic site, Maine's most-visited, Fort Knox, Prospect.

Hot chocolate, best. The rich, homey, made-with fresh-milk hot chocolate at Bagel Central, according to Erin K. McNamara of The Maine Edge. He also gives Java Joe's high marks.

Hot suace, hottest. The Mex, Main St., Ellsworth. They make it themselves.


Ice cream, largest serving. Spencer's Homemade Ice Cream, Bradley. The small cone here is a triple-decker anywhere else. Ask for a dish.

least. Maine. On a per capita basis, our State locks up fewer of her citizens than any other state.

Inn, most famous haunted. Lucerne Inn, Rte 1A, Lucerne-in-Maine. A long-deceased caretaker has spooked countless guests. The spirit is said to be pissed at his unfaithful spouse.

Insect, Maine's most abundant and annoying. The black fly, which can drive you crazy.

International park, world's only. Roosevelt Campobello International Park, connected by bridge to Lubec. Technically in New Brunswick, this 2,800-acre park is where Franklin Delano Roosevelt summered as a boy.

Island, Maine's largest. Mount Desert Island. This is the largest island on the US. Atlantic coast north of New York's Long Island.


ack pine, site of Maine's largest stand. Great Wass Island, which includes a rare 500-acre stand in its 1,579-acre preserve.

July Fourth Celebration, earliest. Cherryfield, Maine. Festivities are always the last full weekend before the 4th, (which can put them in June).


Kayaks, best. Baldwin Kayaks, built in Orrington. These unique fiberglass vessels are labors of love.

Kayak symposium, best. L.L. Bean's Atlantic Coast Sea Kayak Symposium, an extravaganza of outdoor workshops, classroom seminars, and boat demonstrations held annually at the Maine Maritime Academy in Castine.

Kettle corn, best. DOWNEAST KETTLE KORN, available in eastern and northern Maine. A gourmet kernel, special salt, and top-quality oil combine to make Downeast Maine's finest kettle corn.

best place to take them. The OCEANARIUM in Bar Harbor. Educational, interesting, unforgettable.

Knives, best. TREESTUMP LEATHER, Rte 200, Waltham. Owner Chris Kravitt offers Maine's largest selection of gorgeous and pricey custom knives signed by knife-making luminaries like Gil Hibben, Frank Centofante, and George Heron. Shop here for knives with exquisite Damascus blades or with handles of mastodon ivory or with elaborate scrimshaw work. Kravitt has earned a national reputation for making fine leather sheaths custom-designed to fit particular knives.

Kosher restaurant,
only one north of Boston. Bagel Cenral, 33 Central Street, downtown Bangor. This popular eatery offers both meat and dairy meals, fresh baked items, and catering. It carries a good supply of Kosher cheeses and meats.


Lawsuit, best settlement. The one brought in 1977 by Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, and Maleseet indians who were awarded 12.5 million acres of Maine land.

Legendary, Lost City,
best. Norumbega. Said to be a shining city of silver and gold, it appeared on many early maps. Attracting many 14th century explorers to Maine, Norumbega was supposed to be up the Penobscot River, near Bangor.

, biggest. The guys who occupy the Liar's Table at Tall Barney's Restaurant in Jonesport. Every day they meet to exchange tall tales.

Lighthouse, most world's photographed. Bass Harbor Head Light, Mount Desert Island. Thousands and thousands of tourists have snapped pictures of this lovely light.

Lighthouse lenses, most in U.S. The Shore Village Museum, Rockland. Most remarkable is a spectacular 9-foot-tall lighthouse lens from Boothbay Harbor dating from 1855. Its extraordinary light amplification capacity explains how lighthouses were able to operate prior to electrification.

Llama keep,
best and only. Pleasant Bay Bed and Breakfast. Addison. The rolling hills hereabouts are alive with these remarkable creatures.

Lobster, biggest. That would be Wilbur the Lobster, the 20-foot-long fiberglass creation lurking outside Ruth and Wimpy's Restaurant in Hancock. A few years ago, Roadway Expressed included Wilbur on its list of the nation's 12 most interesting things to see.

Lobster feed, world's largest. The annual Maine Seafood Festival in Rockland. Here you'll also find the world's largest lobster pot.

, largest number of ways to have it fixed. RUTH AND WIMPY'S, Hancock. The folks here fix lobster literally too many ways to accurately calculate.

Lobster museum, unique. The Oceanarium, near the head of the island, Bar Harbor. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about lobsters, generally related by a crusty old Maine lobsterman. There’s also a lobster hatchery here.

Lobster roll, world's best. The Castine Variety Store, Castine. Lots of hardshell lobster; up to three times as much as some; probably a quarter pound. Not much mayo. Low price: $9.99. These rolls were featured in a Travel and Leisure article about the coast of Maine. The Eagles Nest Restaurant on North Maine in Brewer is in contention with its big roll featuring six full ounces of choice lobster.

Lobster stew
, best. Fisherman's Friend Restaurant, Stonington. Best in Maine, according to Yankee magazine.

Logging camps, site of nation's first. Penobscot River, where camps were first established in the 1830s.

Log homes handcrafted, only ones in Maine. Tucker Mountain Log  Homes, Sullivan. These homes are works of rare art that must be seen to be appreciated.

Lumber port, world's busiest during the 1850s. Bangor where legend has it you could cross the Penobsoct River stepping from vessel to vessel.