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At MDI IMPORTED CAR SERVICE in Town Hill, David White runs perhaps the world's greenest auto repair business. Among other things, he heats his place with recycled motor oil and wastes next to nothing. A certified Bosch Automotive Service Center, MDI Imported Car Service understands foreign cars like few others.

The MAINE COAST SARDINE HISTORY MUSEUM in Jonesport is a fascinating place to anybody the least bit interested in Maine history. Museum director Ronnie Peabody has been associated with the sardine industry his entire life. He says that at its peak, in 1952, there were at least 50 canneries in Maine processing and packing herring. For Peabody, the museum represents a lifelong dream come true, a dream he has fulfilled all on his own.

The people at MAINE'S OWN TREATS on the Bar Harbor Rod in Ellsworth offer free samples of the most popular of the 26 varieties of jams and jellies they make. This shop is billed as having the state's largest inventory of Maine-made food products. While you're there, you can pick up a free mail order brochure. Call 207-667-8888.

MAIN STREET AUTO CARE on the Bar Harbor Road in Ellsworth provides a broad range of automotive services, including Transtech, a service that replaces virtually every last drop of your transmission fluid. There's a mechanic on duty here seven days a week.

MIKE'S COUNTRY STORE on Water Street in Ellsworth has been in business since 1897, having survived fires and floods and depressions and God knows what else to become one of Maine's oldest continually run businesses. You can get pretty much all of life's essentials here. Visit them on FACEBOOK.

he folks at RUSSELL'S MARINE in Stockton Springs are happy to help new sailors. If you're a novice, they know you have many questions. Well, consider them your boating answer source. They'll answer your questions in a low pressure, friendly way. They can help you select the right sailboat for the type of sailing you're envisioning. To them, you're not a one-time potential buyer. Instead, you're a fellow sailor and a potential lifelong customer. They want you to return again and again because you were treated so well with each and every interaction.

If you stay on Rte 1 east of Ellsworth, you'll come to RUTH AND WIMPY'S KITCHEN where quite often you can get the area's best deal on a lobster dinner. Here also is Hancock’s foremost celebrity Wilbur the Lobster, the world's biggest lobster sculpture. Ruth and Wimpy were featured nationally on The Cooking Channel in a show called "Hook, Line, and Dinner." See their FACEBOOK Page. Peruse their MENU.


Maine law, most strange. The statue that prohibits stepping out of a plane in flight. Skydivers presumably are exempt.

Maine-made items, best listing in Downeast region. Captain D's, a comprehensive guide to more than 200 high-quality articles made right here.

Maine-made products, best edible inventory. MAINE'S OWN TREATS, Rte 3, Trenton.

Maritime exhibits, best. Penobscot Maritime Museum, Searsport. Also Maine's oldest maritime museum.

Meatball sub, best. Papa Gambinos, Bangor.

Mediterranean bistro, best. CLEONICE, 112 Main St., Ellsworth. If any restaurant in these parts is worthy of four stars, it's this one.

Microbreweries, most per capita. Bar Harbor, Maine. The number keeps changing, but no place in the country has more. We do like our beer.

Miniature golf, best facility. Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf, Rte 3, Bar Harbor. Two 18-hole supercourses.

Minibrews, most. Dennett's Wharf Restaurant & Lobster Bar in Castine always serves at least nine locally brewed beers and ales.

warmest. Red Wagon Quilt Craft Shop, Route 1, Pembroke. Alma Bednarik has developed a way to knit 100 percent wool mittens that are probably the world's thickest and warmest, perfect for Maine's sub-zero winters.

Moccasins, biggest selection. The Trading Post, Rte 1, Perry. A hundred varieties.

Mountain, highest. Cadillac Mountain, Mount Desert Island. At 1,530 feet, Cadillac is the highest mountain on the Atlantic coast north of Brazil.

Mouse factory, largest. The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor. Every year this research laboratory produces several million hybrid mice, peddling them to research facilities around the world.

Mountain road, best engineered. The road to the summit of Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park. The grade of this remarkable road never exceeds 11 degrees. This makes Cadillac's peak the only one on MDI accessible to automobiles.

Movie theater, most historic. Criterion Theater, Bar Harbor, This 1930s art deco landmark is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Movie theater, most intriguing. Reel Pizza, Bar Harbor. Yes, this is a movie theater, showing quality Holywood, art, independent, and foreign language films. But the folks here also offer a diverse selection of eats, including pizza and many flavors of popcorn, all at prices you'll applaud. On top of all this, they provide really comfortable seating. It's a movie experience you'll remember forever.

, best. The giant ones at Governor's Restaurants, Bangor and Orono. We like the blueberry ones best. They're a deal at $1.49.

Museum depicting Maine's Native American heritage, best. Abbe Museum, Bar Harbor. This place has true class.

Mustard stone-ground, only. Raye's Mustard Mill, Eastport. Here is the nation's last mustard manufacturer doing it the old-fashioned way-crushing selected mustard seeds and spices between huge stones.


Native flora, most. Wild Gardens of Acadia, Sieur de Monts Spring, Mount Desert Island. More than 300 species of native plants are displayed and labeled.

National park, first east of the Mississippi (and only one in New England). Acadia National Park, most of which lies on Mount Desert Island.

Native American, first to play major-league baseball. Louis Sockalexis, a Penobscot born on Indian Island in 1873. He was such a sensation that Cleveland changed its name from Spiders to Indians. Alas, he died broke and drunk.

Natural history museum, best. College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor. Native fauna in realistic settings.

Naval battle, first of American revolution. Machias, 1775. Local boys commandeered the British schooner Margaretta and proceeded to terrorize passing British ships.

Naval defeat, worst for U.S. until Pearl Harbor. The ill-fated Penobscot Expeition of 1779 in which the British desroyed a U.S. fleet of 30 to 40 ships in Penobscot Bay. Paul Revere was present at the debacle. He ended up walking back to Boston.

Nepalese artifacts, most and best. Options from the World Marketplace, Rte 15, Blue Hill. Far out prayer bells, sculptures, handcrafts, etc.

Nuts most, world’s largest. Dimarco Realty, Prospect Harbor. The collection once belonging to Perry’s Nut House and containing every known botanical nut has ended up on public display in this tiny seaside village.

Observation tower, highest. The tower at the Bucksport narrows bridge, which soars more than 500 feet. An elevator, New England's fastest, blasts visitors to the top in less than a minute. There is no other observation tower like this in the Western Hemisphere.

Old and fat people, most. Maine. Our state has the highest average age in the nation and the fattest people in New England. Who says fat people die young? Mainers enjoy life too much for that.

Old tools, most. The Tool Barn, Hulls Cove. Thousands of antique implements.

Onion rings, best. Jordan's Snack Bar, Rte 1, Ellsworth.

ONLINE INFORMATION for Downeast Maine, best. CAPTAIN D and his family of websites:,,, Appealing,,, and If it's worth knowing, it's here someplace.

Organic market
, certified, largest in Northeast. Hannaford, with markets in Bar Harbor, Ellsworth, Bucksport, Calais, Machias, and Bangor.

Organic produce, best buy. Crossroads Farm, Jonesport. We couldn't believe how many carrots we got for $3. These guys grow 30 varieties of lettuce.

Oyster bar, Maine’s longest. Dennett’s Wharf, Castine. This venerable eatery hosts the annual Maine state oyster-eating championship.


Paintings, most energetic. Swing dancers on display at Susan Tobey White's High Street Studio & Gallery in Belfast. They make you want to dance.

Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project model, best. The 14-by-16-foot working model at the Quoddy Maritime Museum in Eastport. The project was an abortive depression-era effort to harness the region's great tides for the generation of electricity.

Paul Bunyan, biggest. Bangor Auditorium, Bangor. The statue here is 30 feet high.

Peaceful state
, most. Maine,
according to the Institute for Economics and Peace. Using data compiled from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the FBI and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the group focused on homicide rates, percentage of population that is jailed, availability of small arms, number of police officers and overall violent crime rate. Louisiana was found to be the least peaceful.

Peruvian products, most. Peruvian Link, Route 9, Amherst. Wonderful fabrics from Alpacas.

Pharmacy, most idealistic. Downeast Pharmacy, Bangor and Brewer. Good Maine citizens, this small chain quit selling cigarettes a few years ago, and never did sell beer. It is engaged in a number of programs focusing on the elderly, youth, and the environment.

Pirate republic, only one ever planned. Captain Samuel Bellamy's, which was to have been established in what now is Machias. The captain was hanged before he could bring this hair-brained scheme to fruition.

Poet, best. Edna St. Vincent Millay, who was born and raised in Camden, Maine. Among her many honors, she was the first woman to receive a Pulitzer Prize.

Pop folk singer, best. Noel Paul Stookey, who lives in Blue Hill. Stookey made his mark in the late fifties and early sixties with Peter, Paul and Mary, one of the most popular groups ever.

Popovers, best. Jordan Pond House, Acadia National Park. Several generations of Rockefellers, Astors, and Vanderbilts have made tea and popovers a venerable afternoon tradition.

Post office, oldest. Castine Post Office, Main Street, Castine. In continuous operation for 180 years, it is country’s oldest. It is a national historic landmark.

Pots, biggest. Lunaform, Sullivan. Huge, unique, definitely cool, garden planters.

Pottery, most potters, Mainely Pottery, Rte 1, Belfast. This place shows the work of some 24 Maine potmakers.

only saltglazed. Monroe Salt Works, Ellsworth and Belfast. Last company preserving the ancient technique of salt glazing.

Publicly-owned land, least. Maine, where just two percent of the land is publicly-owned. No state has less

Public recreation area, Maine's most popular. Acadia National Park, which accounts for 60 percent of visitor days to public areas in Maine.

Puffins, best viewing spot. Machias Seal Island. Each morning at 7, Capt. Barna B. Norton's vessel departs Jonesport for this island. Call 207-497-5933. Capt. Norton, a direct descendant of the legendary Tall Barney, has long led the campaign to secure this island as a U.S. possession, a contention rather hotly contested by Canada.

Putting green, best. The 18-holer at Kebo Valley Club, Bar Harbor. The only one of its kind.


Radio station, non-profit community, best. WERU, East Orland. Fighting the good fight against the likes of Clear Channel, WERU is keeping community radio alive in Downeast Maine.

Radio Station owned by a really famous person, best and only. WKIT-F.M. (100.3), Bangor, Stephen King's very own station. He gets to hear the songs he likes.

Radio station, world's most powerful. U.S. Navy Communication Center, Cutler. The 26 antenna towers here keep tabs on naval operations worldwide. This installation is said to put sleepy Cutler right up there with the Pentagon at the top of the list of enemy targets in any future nuclear confrontation.

Radio stations, most per capita. Bangor, Maine. With 11 stations, Bangor gives listeners more choices than any other city in the country.

Research facility, nation's largest for study of mammalian genetics. The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor.

Restaurant, best Caribbean atmosphere. Marlintini's Grill, Blue Hill.

Restaurant, best French. Le Domaine Restaurant, Hancock.

Retail business, Maine's oldest. S.L.Wadsworth & Son, Eastport. Founded in 1818, this venerable shop has been in the same family for six generations.

Right whales, most likely place in Maine to encounter them. Off Eastport.

Roadside attraction, best. PERRY'S NUT HOUSE, Belfast.
There are roadside attractions and ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS!!! PERRY'S NUT HOUSE on Route One in Belfast is definitely the latter. Since 1927, Perry's has been entertaining visitors with its fascinating museum-quality displays of stuffed animals, unique selection of fresh roasted nuts, silly practical jokes and comic t-shirts. Perry's is also famous for its fabulous fudge of many flavors. There is fun for all at Perry's Nut House.

Rock face,
toughest climb. Precipice Trail, Champlain Mountain. Eight hundred feet more-or-less straight up.

Rocks & gems, biggest selection. BENNETT'S GEMS AND JEWELRY, Rte 1, Belfast. Best place in Eastern Maine to get stoned.

Romantic dinner, best restaurant to have one. Lucerne Inn, Dedham, according to readers of Bangor Metro magazine.